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Look at all these ponies! I really do have no life outside them. XD

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:iconryu362:100% Complete! by SimplySilent
:iconluletu021:100% Complete! by SimplySilent
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Commission Information

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke
(If you have a question about my commissions/prices, please send me a note)
*All prices are subject to change*

Things I WON'T do

Hard shipping
Excessive blood / gore

Simple (single color / transparent): $4/400 points
Complex: $8/800 points

Sleepy Head by Mynder

Chateau by Mynder

Lines:+ $4/400 points
Lineless: + $7/700 points

Like a Team by Mynder

Drowning in Her Darkness by Mynder

*These require a premade sketch for me to ink, unless you want me to try and sketch something myself, then you're insane*
Black Outline: $6/600 points
Black Outline w/ flats: $8/800 points

(With Flats)
Fangirl Status Has Been Updated by Mynder

Additional characters:
Pony: + $4/400 points
Griffon: + $5/500 points
Dragon: + $6/600 points


Two Sides:
$6/600 points
Two Sides of Tinker Belle by Mynder Two Sides of Knight Smile by Mynder

$3/300 points
Insulting the Enemy by Mynder My Little Deer Round 2 Commissions by Mynder

Cutie Mark Vectors:
$2/200 points

Reference Sheet:
$10/1000 *Basic* (Basic includes: full body side shot, two bust shots of forward and 3/4 view, color guide, cutie mark vector)
Art's Desire Reference Sheet by Mynder



So, I finally got off my lazy ARSE and decided to make a commission area on my page, since I was getting tired of retrieving the journal from like a billion and five years ago. With this comes the To-Do List, (which is mostly for me, since I have the memory of a squirrel~) but if you're waiting on something from me, that should be getting updated whenever I make progress on something. Cause, you know, I have the speed of a snail when it comes to that stuff. FASTEST ANIMAL ALIVE MAN, AW YEAH, STANDARDS. XD
I've also decided to implement a new system of uploading my art, (this being another thing that is mostly for me, woops) So every Sunday (my time, because timezones are silly), I'm going to try and upload a new art piece. Whether this be a back up picture, or a new one, I don't know, but I sure as HECK plan on sticking to this, cause it forces me to do stuff even if I don't want to. (I work better if I have a set deadline to turn something in, not just whenever I feel like) However I'm being a bit lax on the time, so it could be anywhere from 7 AM to 9 PM, cause...... gives me wiggle room if I'm running behind on something.

Some of you may have missed it when I said it in my last journal, but just another heads up; I am back in school, and that means busy busy busy bee status must be activated in order to keep up with everything. So that means I'm going to be less active on the weekdays, since I'll likely be drowning in homework in some far off land that isn't dA. So if I don't reply to a note right away, please please please don't hurt me for it! I do try to keep up with notes, since more often than not, they're pretty FREAKIN' important, but sometimes I'll either forget, or just not have time to formulate a proper response. If you need something from me, try to do it on the weekends. It saves us both the heartache in the case I do forget about you, because I don't want to upset any of you beautiful people. You are the ones that keep my bank account from dipping into the negatives! >=D (Big Grin) (The true reason is that you're all awesome and you give me some semblance of importance here since HOLY CRAP the amount of people that watch me is just insane. What is WRONG with you people?! XD)

In other news, I'm also looking for someone that can do journal skins for a fairly reasonable price. Now, sadly, I'm a bit picky on how it's done. I want all of it to be original, so I don't want someone using an existing art piece to make it. Sorry guys! I'm ever so picky with how I want things. XD

Tl;dr version
I've added a commission price sheet and To-Do list to my page
I'll be trying to stick to a schedule of an upload every Sunday
Due to school, please don't hurt me if you feel like you've been ignored on the weekdays
I'm looking for someone to make me a journal skin at a reasonable price, but it has to be from scratch, no using pre-made art


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
ID sketch by TheSassyJessy and remade to look pretty by meeeee!

Just another one of those people who is obsessed with candy colored interdimensional magic ponies. At this point it's nothing new to world to see people like me around. XD

Check it out everyone! Apparently, I am most like Applejack! Which is nice since she's my favorite pony. MLP Applejack Stamp by Kevfin…

digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK

I hate my brother by ttalktomesoftly

Halloween! Scary things! Candy! I got my costume all ready to go, what're YOU guys doing for Halloween, if you celebrate it that is? 

9 deviants said *comment*
4 deviants said Y u gettin' all up in mah bidniss Myndah?


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only 6 days now *O*
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Not a problem! The GF floweth forth as I dwidle my thumbs in wat. Also! Seen this yet?…
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Not a problem bro-bro. Like I said we GF people gotta stick together like GLUE. XD
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Hey there! Thank you for the favorite on my Gravity Falls Journal Three
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I quite love Gravity Falls, so of course if anything strikes my fancy it'll be getting stowed in my GF faves. Keep up the good work, that was a lovely journal you made~! =D
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Thank you for the favourite!
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Thank you for the watch >w< <3~
Mynder Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Based upon my icon, I think you can tell that I'm a fan of GF, and as such I am also a fan of Bill Cipher. Since you draw Bill Cipher, it can be assumed that I like you, so I watched you. XD
Keep up the art man! It's artists that help me get through waiting for the new episodes. XD
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