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Look at all these ponies! I really do have no life outside them. XD

Random from My Little Pony

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Random from Steven Universe


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I'll try to keep this updated for everyone, but just know that I am both lazy and forgetful, so I don't mind if you ask me about the status of your things if I owe you something. XD


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Well it seems as if through reasons I may or may not have had a hand in, you've discovered my gallery! As you can see I'm one of those "pony folk" that seems to be quite common nowadays. However it's not my only interest, oh no, far from it. I like lots of things! Just scrolling through my favorites and its infinite subfolders should give an idea. ^^

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Feel free to browse and have fun, I don't bite. =D
Okay, so! Gonna try to make this short and sweet so it's not an annoyance to read. I KNOW HOW BUSY PEOPLE CAN BE, TRUST ME. If you REALLY wanna make it short, I have a tl;dr version at the bottom. XD

Basically! I've got a mild case of tendinitis in not just my right hand, but my left as well. This has made lots of things very...... uncomfortable to do. Granted it's not the pain I was feeling a couple weeks ago when I went to the doctor about it, but it's, eh...... it's made something like drawing difficult because even with my brace on it's uncomfortable to move a lot. I also may have also prolonged the recovery process when I went REALLY hard at drawing a couple weeks ago when I made this. ^^'
Crystal Gems by Mynder
I'll try to be good with my recovery, but I've got lots of things I owe/want to do and my already three week break of no art is really beginning to get to me. >_>

Other Things
Onto other things. I've been busy with stuffs outside of dA as well (I KNOW, SHOCKING). I'd like to say some of them are legit reasons, but they're not. Honestly my addiction to Terraria has ignited again after the recent massive update and it has left me incapacitated in my PURE DESIRE TO GAME. That and to be honest I don't have a lot to do with my life if I'm not gaming or watching tv. @_@

ANOTHER thing I've been busy with has actually been a website. Now, it's not a pony website, so you are all welcome to stop reading here if pony's all you're here for. =P (Razz)
This website is in fact related to the show Steven Universe, which I'm sure all of you have noticed has recently EXPLODED in popularity. I've been a fan from very early on thanks to the help of a certain friend of mine pestering me to watch it. Though recently another friend of mine offered me a chance to help in running a new SU website he was making, and I was elated at the offer to help. So nowadays I spend a lot of my time looking through things like DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Youtube for new content such as art to feature on the website. With Tumblr being how it is, I tend to sink a good three to four hours, if not more into it every day just because of how much content is being generated over there. I also write articles for the website, but those are more rare given how........ in the background a personality I have. But they are there! So that's another thing that's been taking up my time recently as well.
If you're interested in seeing the website, here it is. Remember it is NOT a pony website, it is a Steven Universe website. ^^

In Conclusion (tl;dr)
I am currently injured along with being addicted to Terraria and helping with a Steven Universe website. The gist of this all is that art is gonna be sparce at least until I recover, which I hope is SOON. I HATE not drawing. >=C

I hope that wasn't too boring for the people who took the time to read it. I hope you all have a good day, week, month..... however long it takes me to make another journal I guess. Until next time everyone! XD

Well hello there new symbol, how's it going? 

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