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My Little Deer
Then they were ALL Deers by Mynder
My Little Deer Round 2 Commissions by Mynder
My Little Deer Round 1 Commissions by Mynder
Insulting the Enemy by Mynder
The changing of any sort of character whether it be OC's or canon characters into deer. Prices may vary based upon character count and their difficulty. Poses can be specified, otherwise generic pose is the one Applejack displays.
*Note* Characters will remain as pure deer, aka no magical horns or wings. Bucks come with horns, does will not.

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Alright guys, I got some news, and some very interesting news. This only applies to you if a)You have Pokemon X/Y and b)If you know what the Pokerus virus is.

I recently got a wondertrade Pokemon that had the Pokerus virus, and after some research into it, I realized just how lucky a find this one. (Compared to a shiny Pokemon, it's 8 times harder to get)
Now, with this amazing bargaining chip, I realized that I could USE this for things, many many things. So what I've decided to do is start offering Pokerus pokemon, but I have some rules for who gets them as well. There are certain kinds of Pokemon that I want in return for my Pokerus infested Pokemon. You can't judge me for it, due to how mother effing rare it is. XD

Here's what I am looking for in particular, but if you've got something you can still tell me and I'll see if I want it or not.
  •  Starters. I love my starters. This is for any generation, not just X/Y. (If a starter is taken, I will say so)
  • I'd prefer them to be male. (You can discuss this with me though, I can take females if that's all you have)
  • First evolutions would be preferred. I like to raise the Pokemon from scratch so everything is how I want it
  • You can't give me bs Pokemon. By this, I mean you can't give me the uber common, lame Pokemon like Pidgys or Caterpies. That is NOT a fair trade in my opinion considering you're getting Pokerus. The rarer the Pokemon you offer, the more likely I am to trade
  • The Pokemon I send over will be common Pokemon, as it is the virus I am trading, not the Pokemon
  • If I take an interest in your trade offer, I will give you my friend code via note
That's about it everyone, I think that'll do for now! Remember, Pokerus is NOT a common thing, so if I turn you down, please don't be hurt. It's not easy to get such a virus. XD


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United States
Lovely ID made by Firehazard14

Just another one of those people who is obsessed with candy colored interdimensional magic ponies. At this point it's nothing new to world to see people like me around. XD

Check it out everyone! Apparently, I am most like Applejack! Which is nice since she's my favorite pony. MLP Applejack Stamp by Kevfin…

digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK

I hate my brother by ttalktomesoftly

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