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Look at all these ponies! I really do have no life outside them. XD

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To-Do List

I'll try to keep this updated for everyone, but just know that I am both lazy and forgetful, so I don't mind if you ask me about the status of your things if I owe you something. XD


Contest Prizes

Art Trades

Commission Information

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke
(If you have a question about my commissions/prices, please send me a note)
*All prices are subject to change*

Things I WON'T do

Hard shipping
Excessive blood / gore

Simple (single color / transparent): $4/400 points
Complex: $8/800 points

Sleepy Head by Mynder

Chateau by Mynder

Lines:+ $4/400 points
Lineless: + $7/700 points

Like a Team by Mynder

Drowning in Her Darkness by Mynder

*These require a premade sketch for me to ink, unless you want me to try and sketch something myself, then you're insane*
Black Outline: $6/600 points
Black Outline w/ flats: $8/800 points

(With Flats)
Fangirl Status Has Been Updated by Mynder

Additional characters:
Pony: + $4/400 points
Griffon: + $5/500 points
Dragon: + $6/600 points


Two Sides:
$6/600 points
Two Sides of Tinker Belle by Mynder Two Sides of Knight Smile by Mynder

$3/300 points
Insulting the Enemy by Mynder My Little Deer Round 2 Commissions by Mynder

Cutie Mark Vectors:
$2/200 points

Reference Sheet:
$10/1000 *Basic* (Basic includes: full body side shot, two bust shots of forward and 3/4 view, color guide, cutie mark vector)
Art's Desire Reference Sheet by Mynder



WOW, SO LONG SINCE MY LAST JOURNAL. I appear to be a lazy blue horse, which is basically normal among the many other things that I'm good at! But anyway, I'll be taking a temporary art hiatus for the next, oh....... Month I wanna say? Yeah, let's go with that. So DURING this hiatus, I won't be uploading any sort of art like I usually do, and today is the first showing of my ABSENCE of an upload. I don't think I need to explain the reason for this hiatus given it being THAT time of the year, but I'll shed some light on it just in case.


THERE IS NO OTHER REASON THAN SCHOOL AND IT'S STINKIN' FINALS. I'm gonna be drowning in work until school ends, and this work not only relates to studying for said finals, but getting in all that last minute work and whatnot to TRY to scrape by with a decent grade. We all know that feel amirite? ._.

Anyway, until then! I'll still be online and everything, just won't be uploading cause I won't have the time to work on anything actually WORTH uploading. So, yeah. To everyone else taking their own respective finals, good luck! I'll seeya on the other side!
Who am I kidding we're all gonna die. Meet'cha six feet under peeps. XD

I also forgot to mention something! I've got a tumblr now. Just like here it's likely gonna be super inactive, but I felt the need to share it anyway JUST SO YOU PEOPLE KNOW IT EXISTS. =D


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United States
ID sketch by JimmaB

Just another one of those people who is obsessed with candy colored interdimensional magic ponies. At this point it's nothing new to world to see people like me around. XD

Wanna know what's cool? 

9 deviants said Ice. =U
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