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Look at all these ponies! I really do have no life outside them. XD

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I'll try to keep this updated for everyone, but just know that I am both lazy and forgetful, so I don't mind if you ask me about the status of your things if I owe you something. XD


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Well it seems as if through reasons I may or may not have had a hand in, you've discovered my gallery! As you can see I'm one of those "pony folk" that seems to be quite common nowadays. However it's not my only interest, oh no, far from it. I like lots of things! Just scrolling through my favorites and its infinite subfolders should give an idea. ^^

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Feel free to browse and have fun, I don't bite. =D
Alright, so.... it's been a little over a month now since I last made a journal, and even then that journal was more a giveaway than an actual update journal. This time, however, I'll be getting to some nitty gritty stuff regarding me and my life right, so buckle up kiddies, we're in for a wild ride. There's a tl;dr version near the bottom if you want to ignore the giant wall of text.

So, besides the massive amount of uploads that I just submitted to dA, there's been a lot going on with my life recently, most of it pertaining to my future and what to expect of it. In case you don't know (which I imagine a lot of you don't because I'm paranoid about talking about myself online), I'm currently:
  • Still in highschool
  • Soon to be graduating due to being a senior
  • And up until recently, had no idea what I was going to do once I got out
I had ideas for what I wanted to do, but no real plans to follow. The kind of "I want to go to college to do x" kind of deal, but no real way of doing that. However, I didn't want to do anything because of my crippling fear of debt that'd I'd likely suffer from just getting an education once all of that was done. It's hard to make a plan for your life when all you can think about is the fact you'll have to do it using other people's money just to get by. I frankly hate having to rely on other people for things that should be my own responsibility, so I was stuck in this stalemate of wanting to do things, but having no real way of doing them without having to resort to something I really didn't want to do. However, that has all changed now because of what's happened in the past couple of months.

Long story short? As of Thursday evening, I am officially enlisted in the military.

Now, before anyone says anything, yes, this is a very sudden and random turn of events. However, military is something I've considered for the better part of a year now, and not just because of the monetary benefits that come with it. I genuinely want to be of help to people, and I thought that serving in the military would probably be the best way of doing this that'd affect the most people. I do appreciate all the benefits that come from it though, because they'll help me do a lot of things that I was afraid to do before because of money. Now, I bet you're all wondering to yourselves "Alright Mynder, we get it. You're joining the military, what's this mean for us?" Basically what it means is that art production is, at some point in the relative future, going to come to a complete and utter stop. I won't be posting things anymore because of this commitment. Though I can't say this with complete certainty either. I am unsure of how much, if any, free time I'll have for things such as art. But I feel it necessary to warn that it may be a complete cut off of art instead of a slow trickle of random possible uploads throughout my military commitment. This is really hard for me to admit, because art is something I love with a great passion, and is also my number one source of stress relief, but I just have to realize that sometimes things just don't work out like that. It's sad, but I'll get through it.

tl;dr version:
I'm joining the military once I graduate from high school, which means a slow down, if not a complete stop, of art uploads / uploads in general from me.

I just felt that it was time to start spilling the beans and all now that it's official instead of just a passing thought. I'm really sad that I'll be leaving dA for a while, but I just want everyone to know that it's something I feel is important and necessary.
I'm sad I'll be leaving my friends, I'm sad I'll be leaving my art, I'm sad I'll be leaving so much behind for this, but I'm relieved in finally feeling like my future isn't a question anymore. It's something I can walk into and know what to expect.

Up until I leave, I will still be posting art as usual, along with being chatty and all that good stuff. I'll still be streaming, I'll still be here, and I'll still be appreciating everyone for the support they show me, and will continue to show me even after I'm gone. I'll post a final journal before I get shipped off to basic. After that, everything about what could be happening will be up in the air. I don't want to make any promises about what could happen, or will happen, but I felt it's better to warn you all of expecting the worst, but hoping for the best in regards to my art and this account. 

Until then, everyone. I wish you all a good morning/afternoon/evening/night, and I hope that you'll all keep supporting me even after I poof into the bottomless pit that is responsibility and real life. =D

Stream time! Gonna be doing bust requests 

5 deviants said Doesn't HAVE to be pony, but that'll probably be what happens. XD
1 deviant said
No deviants said Canon as of now, may change


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